Crazy Scientist DualDrive

Crazy Scientist DualDrive

SKU: CS-001

Introducing the “Crazy Scientist” DualDrive by HGWFx 


The CS began life as our take on the world-famous “King of Tone'' produced by legendary pedal designer Mike “AnalogMan” Piera. But over time and after many requests by our clients, HGWFx has thrown our own chemistry into the mix with a splash of mojo and maybe even some snake oil, giving this dual-drive pedal some modern scientific tonality.

With the ability to mix and match several of our circuit designs into one enclosure, the possibilities and options available to customise each drive is almost endless! 

From Low Gain to High and anywhere in between!    Plug it in! Give it a try! You won't be disappointed!


  • Completely hand built with High Quality American and German Components

  • Each pedal is built to order.  HGWFx pedal designers will contact you personally to discuss your specific tone, color and options available to you!

  • Boosts - LG Overdrives - HG Overdrives - Distortions - Fuzz - Pick Your Flavor! 

  • We currently have a 1-2 Month turn around for our custom orders. When you submit your order, we will provide you with a better approximate date of shipping.

  • Tech Specs

    1590 BB Enclosure

    True Bypass

    Dual Channel

    Dual Drive

    6 Pot Design

    +9V power