Crazy Scientist

Crazy Scientist

SKU: CS-001

Introducing the HGWFx’s Crazy Scientist. This is our take on the world-famous King of Tone produced by legendary pedal designer AnalogMan. Essentially built around the basis of a Marshall Blues Breaker pedal. HGWFx has thrown our own chemistry into the mix with a splash of mojo and maybe even some snake oil giving this dual-drive pedal some modern scientific tonality. Plug it in! Give it a try!

Due to current orders, we have a 1-2 week turn around for orders. When you submit your order, we will provide you with a better approximate date of shipping.

  • Tech Specs

    1590 BB Enclosure

    True Bypass

    Dual Channel

    Dual Drive

    6 Pot Design

    +9V power


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