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Digitech Bad Monkey "Spanked Monkey" Mod

Digitech Bad Monkey "Spanked Monkey" Mod

SKU: BMM-001

NOTE: This is a service. You must provide the pedal for modification


Ship us your Digitech Bad Monkey and we'll do the rest!

Known for being the other green pedal, the Digitech Bad Monkey is designed to give that classic tube overdrive that most players love. Normally the pedal is very treb heavy and almost tin-canny and the bass ends up muddling out before you can add some umph to your sound. HGWFx and its team of engineers can mod this pedal to compete with the board mainstays! By replacing a few key components with high quality audio quality values, we can pull back some of the harsh treble tones while cleaning the bass frequencies to give you a usable range. We also add some headroom to the gain stage giving you the chance to push your amp or just add a little bit of grumble to your note. Either way, you are going to love having your monkey spanked!!...Bad Monkey! Bad Monkey!

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