Emerald Screamer Overdrive

Emerald Screamer Overdrive

SKU: ES-001
Louder. Louder! Make it SCREAM!! HGW presents the Emerald Screamer!One of the pedals in the limited edition Jewel Series, this pedal is a mid-gain overdrive in a 4 pot design. Based upon a pedal that followed the TS-9 and the TS-808 to fame, this pedal features a Mid pot that allows you to control the EQ further. The gain and volume of this pedal rival some of the loudest pedals we have and will give your tone a warm and wide overdrive. Never shrill like a banshee but screaming like a JCM800 Marshall. Get one of HGW’s crown jewels today!Due to current orders, we have a 1-2 week turn around for orders. When you submit your order, we will provide you with an better approximate date of shipping.
  • Technical Specs

    Power: +9-18 volts

    Four Potentiometers

    True Bypass

    Indicator LED

    Dimensions: 4.41"x2.36"x1.22"