HGWFx Treb Bleed Mod

HGWFx Treb Bleed Mod

SKU: TB-001-008

Treb Bleed Circuit for Single Coil and Humbucker equipped guitars.


On most guitars, when you turn down the volume pot, your tone turns dark and you lose the high frequencies. By just adding this simple component across the volume pot, you allow some of that treble to "bleed" through, and at lower volumes, your guitar signal is not as dark. For more information, please see our blog post on Treble Bleed Circuits!


Introducing HGWFx's exclusive treb mod, the Fire and Ice mod. We utilize a special audio grade capacitor made by Wima paired with a mil spec ROHM resistor.  


Please use the contact form for any order amount greater than 10 pieces or any order with specific values!

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