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Orange Master Vintage Boost

Orange Master Vintage Boost

SKU: OM-001

Introducing the Orange Master Treble Boost by HGWFx: Unleash Sonic Brilliance!

The Orange Master Treble Boost is a game-changer for guitarists seeking to unlock the true power of their instrument. Meticulously engineered and infused with the iconic Range Master tone, this pedal is the ultimate companion for those who crave searing highs and unparalleled clarity. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other.

Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, the Orange Master Treble Boost exudes rugged elegance. Its sleek, compact enclosure ensures it seamlessly fits into any pedalboard setup, while its durable construction guarantees it can withstand the rigors of the road. Built to last, this pedal is a reliable partner for every stage and studio session.

Prepare to witness the transformation of your guitar's tone. With the Orange Master Treble Boost by HGWFx, you'll experience up to 15dB of pristine, transparent treble boost. Elevate your solos to new heights, cut through the mix with ease, and command attention with every note you play. This pedal is your ticket to achieving the signature Range Master brilliance that has captivated guitarists worldwide.

Unlocking the Orange Master's potential is effortless. The intuitive control layout empowers you to shape your tone with precision. Dial in the perfect amount of treble boost to suit your playing style, from subtle enhancements to soaring highs that mesmerize audiences. Enhance your riffs, add sparkle to your chords, and make your guitar sing with unprecedented clarity.

Built to impress even the most discerning musicians, the Orange Master Treble Boost delivers pristine sound quality with minimal noise. The pedal's top-of-the-line components and meticulous craftsmanship ensure that your signal remains pure and unadulterated. Say goodbye to unwanted interference and say hello to a noise-free playing experience that lets your guitar's voice shine through.

The Orange Master Treble Boost by HGWFx is not just an accessory; it's an extension of your musical identity. From vintage blues to modern rock, this pedal embraces versatility. It serves as a creative tool to sculpt your tone, whether you're seeking a classic sound or forging new sonic landscapes. The Orange Master Treble Boost is your gateway to sonic brilliance and artistic expression.

Join the ranks of guitarists who have harnessed the power of a true, vintage spec Range Master circuit. Experience the awe-inspiring capabilities of the Orange Master Treble Boost and take your playing to the next level. Unleash the brilliance that resides within your guitar and witness the transformative power of the Orange Master at your feet.

Wake up! Grab your fresh glass of orange juice and shred! Introducing the Orange Master Vintage Boost! An American take on a British boost that was renowned enough to start rumors. Based on the Germanium and Silicon treble booster built in the 60s and 70’s! Oursl provides a fresh-squeezed tone that will give you just the right amount of drive without being too overpowering. By using select NOS transistors and hand picking them for each build, HGWFx gives you a pedal that will quench your thirst for a boost. Powered by 9 volts and sporting a switch to provide a High Pulp (high pass filter), no filter, or a Low Pulp (low pass filter) circuit, the Orange Master will be a bright addition to your pedal board.

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