Tone Taffy Overdrive

Tone Taffy Overdrive

SKU: TT-001
“It’ll stick to your tone! like it sticks in your teeth!
HGWFx’s Tone Taffy OverDrive- When your board needs just that extra bit of sweetness. Base circuit is a modified Z drive with some added grit and definition. We took this popular build and gave it some HGWFx Sweetness! 

Known by guitarists to have versatile dynamics but able to drive most amps you throw it in front of. As well as becoming a pedal that is difficult to find but is coveted and long lasting! Just like Taffy! 

From volume, drive, tone, and voice, Our four pot design will give you a mild overdrive at lower levels and a medium distortion at full on! For those with a sweet tooth and especially those who like that sweet sweet candy! Try out our Tone Taffy today!

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  • Technical Specs

    Power: +9-18 volts

    Four Potentiometers

    True Bypass

    Indicator LED

    Dimensions: 4.41"x2.36"x1.22"