TS-9 Silver Pro Mod

TS-9 Silver Pro Mod

SKU: TS9-Mod kit 001
$45.00 Regular Price
$38.25Sale Price

This is for Mod Service ONLY. You will not recieve a new pedal. You provide your pedal and we supply the mod.


Often described as piercing and still shred-worthy, the TS-9 is a pedal that will never die. But it may need some tweaking to take it into territory of fully adjustable pedal. That's where the TS-9 silver mod comes in. This mod uses vintage components to increase the tone floor and allows the player to turn the tone pot and hear a difference. We still boost up the gain and have the pedal stay true to its name, but we cut the shrill treb and give you a rich overdrive worthy of your board. Completed by hand in CA by the HGW team. Requires 9 volt battery or DC power (battery and power supply not included).


Again, this is not the price of a new pedal! This is a MOD SERVICE ONLY! You provide YOUR pedal and we return it to you with the mod.


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