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Ibanez TS9 "Turbo Pro" Mod

Ibanez TS9 "Turbo Pro" Mod


This is for Mod Service ONLY. You will not recieve a new pedal. You provide your pedal and we supply the mod.


Often described as piercing and still shred-worthy, the TS-9 is a pedal that will never die. But it may need some tweaking to take it into territory of fully adjustable pedal. That's where the TS-9 "Turbo Pro" mod comes in. This mod uses vintage components to increase the tone floor and allows the player to turn the tone pot and hear a difference. We still boost up the gain and have the pedal stay true to its name, but we cut the shrill treb and give you a rich overdrive worthy of your board. Completed by hand in CA by the HGW team. Requires 9 volt battery or DC power (battery and power supply not included).


Again, this is not the price of a new pedal! This is a MOD SERVICE ONLY! You provide YOUR pedal and we return it to you with the mod.


You supply your Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer. We modify the circuit using higher quality components for reduced noise, better tone and higher fidelity. Want increased gain? Our mod achieves that too! We also install a bright LED and upgraded knobs in your choice of color - as well as clean the input / output jacks and any "scratchy" potsLastly, we'll replace any worn or missing knobs, battery straps and screws. Return domestic shipping via USPS Priority Mail (insured) is included in the price. Our work is clean and correct and we guarantee it for life! Questions about the mod? Feel free to contact us.

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