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Our Story

HGWFx was founded in 2018 by Engineer/Guitarist: Quincy Hatch with husband and fellow Engineer: Antony Narducci (Hatch).


Our company was born from the constant search for amazing, face-melting, heart-swelling guitar tones.


Our journey into the foray of effect pedal building and modifications all began in 2012 with your standard Ibanez TS-9 or “TubeScreamer”. This workhorse overdrive pedal has held a spot on my pedalboard, as well as countless other guitarists' boards. After years of being a mainstay, I figured it was time to tinker with it! 

Upon researching, we learned that by swapping out some components we could get an entirely different tone. We started by following the lead of famed pedal builders (Like all pedal makers, We all stand on the shoulders of giants that have come before).

We pulled the pedal open and began deciphering the components, the traces, and the way the pedal was built. It took several weeks for us to fully understand what was going on but as we searched forums, studied pedal schematics, educated ourselves in the basics of small-signal/electrical engineering, and placed our first components order, we finally understood the pedal and what made it rock the way it did. Now it was time to customize it! 

​This was our leap down the rabbit hole so to speak! And into the field of guitar effects and electronics. And soon enough, we delved into other pedal ideas, guitar modifications, and amplifier modding. We of course had the occasional gear of friends to repair, upgraded components, modded amps, and even made some mistakes. Now after three years of full-time building, soldering, rewiring, restringing, rebuilding, repairing, and polishing, we have created pedals and completed modifications that we are proud of and confident will make our customers happy.  


-What We Do-

HGWFx manufactures guitar effects and audio pedals that redefine the tricky convergence of small-shop attention,  appeal and professional production standards that has come to represent the pinnacle of the boutique effects industry and for all that, HGWFx still maintains its slightly gritty, home-grown, built-in-the-back-room appeal! Literally!


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