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ButterCream FET Boost

ButterCream FET Boost

SKU: BC-001

Introducing the “ButterCream” Boost by HGWFx! Unleash Your Guitar's True Potential!

The “ButterCream” Boost is the ultimate companion for every guitar player, virtuoso and tone enthusiast alike! Crafted with precision and engineered to the highest quality, our “ButterCream” is designed to elevate your guitar's sound to new heights. Whether you're seeking that extra punch for searing leads, or a thick, juicy tone, the “ButterCream” Boost will be your secret weapon on stage or in the studio.

Featuring a sleek and rugged design, the “ButterCream” Boost combines durability with remarkable versatility. With a simple and intuitive layout, this pedal empowers you to shape your tone with ease. Its compact size ensures it fits seamlessly into any pedalboard setup, making it an essential tool for gigging musicians, session players, and bedroom rockers alike.

The true magic of the “ButterCream” Boost lies within its powerful circuitry. Offering up to 20dB of clean, transparent boost, this pedal lets your guitar's natural character shine through while adding the perfect amount of oomph. Whether you want to drive your tube amp into glorious overdrive or lift your solos above the mix, the “ButterCream” Boost delivers the dynamic range and responsiveness you crave.

Not only does this pedal enhance your sound, but it also preserves the integrity of your signal. With high-quality components and meticulous craftsmanship, the “ButterCream”Boost Pedal ensures low noise and pristine tone quality. Say goodbye to that flaccid, flat tone, and say hello to crystal-clear tones that cut through any mix.

The “ButterCream” Boost doesn't stop there—it offers a handy again boost switch that allows you to fine-tune just the right amount of added gain. Sculpt your tone by dialing in the perfect balance of Boost From sparkling cleans to soaring leads, this pedal adapts to your playing style and brings out the best in your instrument.

Discover a world of sonic possibilities with the “ButterCream” Boost by HGWFx.

Whether you're a seasoned guitarist looking to add more fire to your solos or a beginner searching for a pedal that delivers that extra kick, this is the essential tool you've been waiting for. Unleash your guitar's true potential and let the “ButterCream” Boost by HGWFx! and elevate your playing to new heights.


  • Technical Specs

    Power: +9-18 volts

    Single Potentiometer

    Single Toggle Switch (ON-ON)

    True Bypass

    Indicator LED

    Dimensions: 4.41"x2.36"x1.22"

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