ButterCream FET Pre-Amp

ButterCream FET Pre-Amp

SKU: BC-001

Like butter being a staple of any good household pantry, the ButterCream boost will be a standard on your pedal board build. Emulating a true clean drive, this pedal will push the volume of your guitar out of this world. A single knob for volume and a switch to provide a choice between a low gain or a high gain boost gives the ButterCream enough head room to overdrive your amp. HGWFx's ButterCream Boost is the sweet addition your tone is missing. There’s nothing quite as comforting as shred and butter.

Compared to the Keeley Katana


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  • Technical Specs

    Power: +9-18 volts

    Single Potentiometer

    Single Toggle Switch (ON-ON)

    True Bypass

    Indicator LED

    Dimensions: 4.41"x2.36"x1.22"