ButterCream FET PreAmp

ButterCream FET PreAmp

SKU: BC-001

Introducing “ButterCream” FET Preamp by HGWFx


The ButterCream FET preamp and boost is our take on the Katana boost by acclaimed pedal designer Robert Keeley. 

Our version has become a standard on many artists' pedalboards. Delivering a true clean drive, our pedal can boost beautifully, as well as provide a mild overdrive if pushed to 10. HGWFx's ButterCream Boost is the sweet addition your tone is missing. There’s nothing quite as comforting as shred and butter.

  • Completely hand built with High Quality American and German Components

  • Each pedal is built to order

  • Single knob design for Volume\Gain 

  • Gain Boost Toggle switch to provide a choice between a low gain or a high gain boost modes 

  • We have a 1-2 Month turn around for custom orders. When you submit your order, we will provide you with a better approximate date of shipping.

  • Technical Specs

    Power: +9-18 volts

    Single Potentiometer

    Single Toggle Switch (ON-ON)

    True Bypass

    Indicator LED

    Dimensions: 4.41"x2.36"x1.22"